Equality & Diversity

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Course Overview:
Explains the terms equality, diversity, inclusion and discrimination and explains the links between them.It  outlines models of discrimination  and explains the effects of discrimination on the individual

Delegates will gain an understanding of:

•  the terms Equality & Diversity
• Understand inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity
• Explain the potential effects of discrimination on the individual and their carers
• Identify relevant legislation and policy and understand how these apply to the health and social care worker
• Understand what is meant by direct and indirect discrimination
• Know the importance of identifying an individual’s uniqueness
• Understand how diversity, equality and inclusion are addressed in social care
• Know how to challenge discrimination
• Know what to do if there are concerns about equality and diversity practices.

Course Duration:
1/2 Day

Course Assessment:
There is a multiple choice assessment paper and the tutor ensures a thorough understanding has been achieved by questions, answers, discussion and practical scenarios

Course Certification:
Delegates receive a fully recognised certificate